There was a thread in reddit where a reader of my blog post this one:

increment = true
a = 5

a += increment ? 1 : -1

println("a = ", a)
a = 6

He was responding to my post Ternary Operator where I would have ranted how increment and decrement with ternary operator though work’s, it does not look elegant. I would have proposed doing it with if else instead. I must admit that redditor has a kinda elegant solution, but I would still say it’s a somewhat less elegant. But yes, this is a blog, so I am allowed to say my personal opinion like Python will die because Guidio has joined Microsoft, and Microsoft is known to kill any better software than it could produce for business reasons, which is a fact.

You can also write the program like this:

 = false
a = 5

a +=  ? 1 : -1

println("a = ", a)


a = 4

Where can be typed by typing \increment and pressing the Tab key. Find the Jupyter notebook for this here