Happy to announce that I have designed logo for Data Science with Julia journey. It was designed with the following in mind:

The blackness represents the eternity and unknown of this universe or perhaps multiverse. The tortoise represents a slow traveler that’s me. I made it a tortoise because I am slow, but very determined, plus I would like to go slow on things understanding every bit of it. The periphery represents the mastery of the subject which we strive achieve, hence it’s named as Data Science with Julia.

The whiteness of the tortoise represents purity, and its a tortoise for another reason, when there is a danger or uncertainty, a tortoise would retract, the journey would halt temporarily. Plus tortoise also represents longevity, this blog will be in the long time making, and strives for perfection.

The font in this logo is GNU Typewriter. In fact without GNU and free software movement this journey couldn’t have happened and I can say with confidence that without it modern computing as we know it won’t be there, instead we would have been forced and shackled to pay Microsoft, Apple , Oracle etc.